Various trustees and volunteers during building of the Hall extension in

Group of trustees during building extension Discussions during building extension A trustee during building extension Demolition of shed prior to building extension A trustee during building extension Group of trustees at a meeting A trustee during building extension Group photo of trustees and volunteers 

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The following documents available for download relate to the
Village Hall Charity and Trustees.
[Downloads relating to the hiring and use of the Hall are available from the
Booking, Tariffs & Licences page.]

Constitutional documents

Information & Explanatory

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Chairman of the Trustees: Neil Peachey
tel: 791554 / 07850 526055

Amberley, Hayes Lane, Slinfold, RH13 0SQ
Web-manager: vacant

Bookings Secretary: Buzzy Quested
tel: 07928 571 778

Treasurer: Jon Taylor
(for reporting building-related problems)
Pat Churchard
tel: 791425 / 07801 679816

All telephone numbers listed without an area code are for Horsham area (01403-).

Please note that correspondence should not be sent to the Village Hall address (see Location: Directions) as it does not have a regularly monitored letter box.

General correspondence relating to the Village Hall should be sent c/o the Chairman's address, as given above.


Slinfold Village Hall is registered as a Charity under the name "The Child Memorial Village Hall" (Charity No. 305256).

Its charitable objectives are defined as:

"The provision and maintenance of a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of the Parish of Slinfold without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for meetings, lectures and classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants."

and its activities are specified as:

"— provides a community facility (the village hall) for the use of residents of the village and Parish of Slinfold;
— provides maintainance and upgrades to the facility;
— facilitates (by assistance or subsidy) events or activities of benefit to the village and parish."

The hall is maintained and managed by a group of volunteer Management Trustees consisting of representatives from various user groups, and some elected trustees. All are appointed or elected at the Annual General Meeting (normally held on the third Monday of June), which is open to all local residents. They are assisted by a number of volunteer helpers.

The trustees are grateful for funding received through Slinfold Parish Council and for other local support and donations.

Can you lend a hand?

As mentioned above, Slinfold Village Hall is managed and operated on behalf of the village by a group of volunteers. The hall has no employees, enabling us to keep the running costs — and thus the hire charges — as low as possible. All the Trustees and other helpers give their time freely for the benefit of the community. Several Trustees already put in a lot of time and effort in ensuring the hall is kept in good condition, and many Trustees are already committed to helping other groups too.

Currently, we are in urgent need of help in two main areas:

We also need help with ideas, planning, fund-raising, finances, administration, etc..

If you could find a little time — even just a small amount — to help maintain this community facility for the benefit of the whole village, or would like more information, please talk to one of the Trustees listed below

P.S. Volunteering does not mean you have to become a trustee.

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