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Datestone 1881 on side of building

Commerative plaque dated 1881

Front apex of building showing monogram, inscription & circular window

Inscription "Village Hall" on front of building

Inscription "And Library" on front of building

Commerative plaque dated 1915

Postcard of Slinfold Village Hall c.1955

from The Francis Frith Collection
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(accessed 06Jul2009)


The Child Memorial Village Hall (as it was originally known) was built in 1881 as a gift to the Parish in memory of Thomas and Caroline Child by their children and grandchildren. This is reflected in the monogram

Monogram TCC (Thomas & Caroline Child) on front og the building


on the front of the building, which also carries the inscription

Village Hall and Library

straddling the circular window.

Inscription straddling circular window on front of building

In 1915, the hall was enlarged "in affectionate remembrance of" the next generation of the Child family "by their Kinsfolk". This entailed the lengthening of the main hall and the addition of side rooms to the rear of the hall (see postcard c.1955).

The hall then continued to serve the village until 1981-83, when a flat-roofed extension was built within the corner of the L-shape to accommodate a new kitchen.

Planning for the next expansion commenced in the mid-1990s. This required Privy Council approval for the transfer of a small parcel of land from the adjoining churchyard, as well as the purchase of land from two adjoining houses. Meanwhile, with the hall being within a conservation area and next to a listed building (the church), the planning authority was quite particular. Eventually, it approved a two-storey extension in the style of a Sussex Barn so that it had a separate appearance from the main building.

The extension, complete refurbishment of the main hall, and the creation of a new kitchen were finished in 2001. In 2004, the old, flat-roofed (and now disused) kitchen was incorporated into the main hall to increase its size further.

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Chatwin, Diana (2000) Slinfold Street: The Development of a Village in the Sussex Weald, Slinfold, The Slinfold Society (ISBN 095393080-7)

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