Slinfold Newsreel

Slinfold Newsreel Cockerel The Slinfold Newsreel is shown prior to the main feature film at each Village Cinema showing. It records events and other aspects of village life over the past year in an informative, entertaining and often amusing fashion.

It is produced by Charles Chatwin, and we are grateful for the many hours of, not only filming, but also compilation, editing, sound track and other work which no doubt goes into the production of each newsreel.

Charles also produces a compilation of each (calendar) year's Slinfold Newsreels available for purchase on DVD.

Slinfold Newsreels 2011

Slinfold Newsreel Disc 2011 The 2011 Compilation of the Slinfold Newsreels is now available on DVD. This can be purchased (£9) at the Village Cinema or directly from Charles (see Contact Details). Half of the purchase price will be donated (50:50) to the Scout Hut Roof Appeal and St Peter's Appeal (£2.25 each).

The cover pictures shown here give a taster of some of the year's events included on the DVD.

Newsreel Sleeve 2011 front

Newsreel Sleeve 2011 back

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